Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you!

Hi everyone!

Today I received a special surprise... someone filled out the survey! If it was you, thank you! You really made my day.

If it wasn't you, please take a couple minutes and fill out the survey (click on the "Survey" tab). Everything is confidential and unidentifiable, so we don't know who you are. I just ask that you fill out the form truthfully.

With a few more responses, I'll summarize the data and I'll be jumping to share the results with you all!!

Thank you and best wishes!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi there! 

Thanks for stopping by. This is an blog about infertility, but with a twist. The twist is that this blog is dependent on you sharing your fertility journey with us by filling out the survey in the above tab (it won't take more than 4 minutes). Every time you fill out a survey, that gives us data to process and share with the rest of the "trying to conceive" community. Don't worry, we never ask for any identifying information, so we will never know who you are. 

The point of the blog is to show that we are not alone in this journey and to be informed. Hopefully, if we are able to get enough folks to fill out the questionnaire, every week I'll analyze the data and share the results. Ever wonder if clomid is more frequently prescribed compared to femara? Or how much people are paying for treatment? Or how many folks are getting IUIs or IVFs? You get the idea. We all have lots of questions but it's hard to get an idea of what's really happening "out there". Hopefully, this blog will help answer some of those questions. We realize that there will be a lot of limitations in the data that's collected, but that's OK. We will take what we can get and help each other as best we can.

Thank you and best wishes!